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Ken Christenson’s new book, "Darwin, Zen, and the LAST Niche", is now available. Buy a first edition (limited to 300 copies) from Hemp Tent at $12.50 CAN plus postage. A board has been set up in the Extremophile Forum where we welcome your comments, criticisms or suggestions. As the form of this book is somewhat experimental, your feedback is important to us, and may be used to improve the content and form of a second edition. Free copies are also available on request for those in a position to write a full critical review. About the author: For the last 42 years Ken Christenson has been a residential designer and builder in the Thirty-Thousand Islands region of Georgian Bay. A lifelong enthusiast for evolutionary ecology and sustainable living, his dream is to be part of a proof-of-concept "containable" community. A buddhadharma practitioner for the last eight years, Ken facilitates a "student" mindfulness meditation group locally (he advises anyone new to meditation to find a formally qualified teacher), and has drawn extensively on early Buddhist traditions and insights to bring life to a newly emerging ecological perspective. Responses: From James H. Bunn, Professor of English at the University of Buffalo, and member of the Center for Cognitive Science there. (He is the author of The Dimensionality of Signs, Tools, and Models, and alsoWave Forms: a Natural Syntax for Rhythmic Languages) : Ken Christenson quotes Emily Dickinson's poem, "I'm nobody! Who are you? Are you nobody too?" Ken graces his unassuming ego with the steadfast purpose of a questing spirit that puts Odysseus's twenty-year voyage in its place as a short trip home. Thanks to his Blake-like style of cryptic poems and comic asides (laced with ecology, high Buddhism), we learn about a quest for more than unforgiving victory over illusion. I want to study this demanding ethical work. Being still a teacher, I tell myself, "Study this."