How To SELL Online Without Breaking The Bank

There are so many options for businesses and individuals to start selling products or services online and so very many customers to go around! One of the main issues I've seen is the high long term cost of getting started on the wrong system and the time spent learning or training staff in a system that may fail to meet you needs over time. That's why we've cratfed an awesome and flexible solution that can meet the needs of anyone wanting to sell online. (more…)

Successful Search Engine Optimization

According to a recent study, more than 60% of websites lack the proper web programming to be ranked by Internet search engines. Search engine optimization or SEO for short can potentially improve your website and save time, but used irresponsibly can also damage to your site and reputation. (more…)

Extremophile Publishing

Ken Christenson’s new book, "Darwin, Zen, and the LAST Niche", is now available. Buy a first edition (limited to 300 copies) from Hemp Tent at $12.50 CAN plus postage. (more…)

Peak Everything

The 20th century saw unprecedented growth in population, energy consumption and food production. As the population shifted from rural to urban, the impact of humans on the environment increased dramatically. (more…)